Commissioning Coloratura

Our work is available to you in two ways. You may see a piece here that is available for purchase and you can buy it directly from us. Or, you may have a special piece of furniture that you would like to see transformed by Coloratura. We accept commissions through a process of thoughtful consideration about the piece and direct communication with you, the client.

We are, by necessity, selective about the choices of furniture to which we commit. Our work is labor-intensive, but a greater personal concern is that we feel an aesthetic affinity with the pieces we paint. Thus the first step towards commissioning us is to send photos, via email or post, of the furniture. Include several clear views, and note any needed repairs.

Because each work of our art is one-of-a-kind, prices vary. In this initial contact with us we can provide a general price range for the type of furniture you are requesting based on previous work. Later in the process, once we have developed a specific vision for your piece, we will provide you with more definite costs.

If we all agree we have a good candidate, we proceed to the next step.

When we enter into a commission with you, all of us engage in a bond of trust. To help establish and strengthen this bond, ideally we meet with you in your home to see not only where and how the piece of furniture will be used but to learn about you and your interests. You are the initial catalyst that results in the final work of art, although our journey of creativity will bring in a myriad of other influences as well.

During our meeting we will answer your questions about how we work, how long it may take to begin or complete your commission, costs, transportation and related business matters. We will have you look through our book of photographs of past works to help us know your preferences and give us an idea which one of us, Rob or Catherine, should be the visionary of the piece. Occasionally both of us will paint on the same piece, and we always discuss and offer ideas and suggestions to each other, but only one of us carries the vision through.

Once we have formed the conception of the work, we write an evocative description outlining our idea. If there are particular influences from other artists or artistic styles or periods we will note them and provide photocopies of these images. The description is a general guide, not a particular blueprint. For this reason we do not do presentation drawings. During the entire time of designing and painting we need to be able to adapt to the flow of the process. It’s part of the bond of trust based on your confidence in our work.

If there is any variance in estimated costs, we will discuss this with you once you have the written description and before we all sign a simple contractual agreement. Most of the time we ask for 50% of our fee to begin and the balance upon delivery, but we are adaptable. If you prefer payments in thirds, then one third will be requested to begin, one third at the beginning of actual painting, and the remainder at the time of delivery. At this time the state of Virginia does not require sales tax on the service of painting a piece of furniture you already own.

Although most of our work is done on already existing furniture, some works such as the folding screen Ofrenda al Mar are constructed according to our design. We are open to discuss custom fabrications based on our designs.

We enjoy the rapport with our patrons. Many who have commissioned art from Coloratura once have returned to commission us again.

These terms are subject to change.